He guys, I'm back from my vacation but my blogging mojo didn't came back. So I decided to move on and leave the bloggy behind! Good news: find me now on instagram for outfit posts and my fan art. My user name is @hippiemoonie! 

See you there!



Spell Designs Fleetwood dress
bridal accessories from Etsy

Hello blogging world, just wanna tell you that I'm off on my big vacation, celebrating our Vegas wedding. Still not sure what to do with the blog, maybe the vacation clears my mind.

I guess it will be days full of fun and joy, but it was hard to leave our cat boy behind. We do have a lovely lady who cares for him, but I'm sure I'll miss him!



Princess Neptune Cosplay ///

I love Michiru Kaio / Sailor Neptune. She's my fave chara of Sailor Moon. A girl who owns planetary power, controls the ocean, dresses in turquoise and has a mirror as her weapon ;)

Can't wait to wear it on the Manga Comic Convention in Leipzig this weekend, I'm totally excited as it is my first cosplay ever! The mirror helps controlling my make up anytime, haha ;)



Cosplay outfit ///
Sea blue wig by myCostumes
Elizabeth & James dress
Asos Shooting Star heels
Art Nouveau mirror replissa (via Ebay)
Whiting & Davis Art Nouveau purse

 Still not much going on with hippie dressing (but I still do it, don't worry ;) ), so I thought I share my cosplay plans for the Manga Comic Convention with you!

As long as I can imagine I love dressing up. I loved strolling trough my granny's attic and I wore her insane dresses from the past. When I grew up, I gave up dressing up for carnival and never celebrated one single helloween.

Cosplay is very similar,  but you have to wear costumes and fashion accessories that represent a specific character. Favorite sources are manga and anime, comic books and cartoons, video games, and live-action films. It is also a significant aspect of popular culture in Japan. I never did it but I knew one day it will be my day. I'm going to visit a manga and comic convention next week, but I actually didn't intend to dress up as a manga character for that event. When I woke up this saturday, I had that idea that one dress I already own would be perfect for a Princess Neptune cosplay. She's my fave character from Sailor Moon and I love her turquoise hair and the fact that her weapon is an art nouveau vintage mirror, haha ;)

So here we go. I bought a wig, a replica of her mirror and some insane shoes on Asos. And - for sure - a vintage handbag from the 20s that I love!



New in ///
Aloha Gaia Luna bracelet
Aloha Gaia Supermoon necklace

Aren't these two pieces lovely? As I don't have the time to do a cosplay on the upcoming manga and comic fair, I decided to wear a kimono and show my love for Sailor Moon in a different way. Also, it is a great way to combine my hippie style with my love for my fave series!

Can't wait to receive them!